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Do you have a garage filled with unused furniture, household goods, broken appliances or outgrown toys and clothes? Maybe your neighbor does, or your relatives do.

The return to recycling old and used objects is more popular than ever. There are swap meets and flea markets all over the country where people buy and sell objects – AT A GREAT PROFIT!

Maybe you know how to repair simple motor-driven tools, or can refurbish battered furniture. You can turn that skill into money.

Are you clever and somewhat artistic? The market for handmade crafts is higher than it ever was. Maybe you’d like to make quilts, or candles, or decoupage plaques become hard cash. Rummage sales are great ways to change unused items into money. And it’s easy. You need no overhead, very little time and effort, and make pure profit. Perhaps you have church bazaars, school fairs, or craft shows that occur seasonally in your area. Fall and spring festivals are great places to sell everything from handmade dolls to recycled lawn mowers. Are you ready to turn stored potential into real money? Just review some of these tips and you’ll find you can make more money than you could ever imagine from seemingly worthless objects. Starting right now, you could gather and produce enough to sell next weekend to make over $750.00. And who couldn’t use that?


A good way to launch a business is from home.  You do not have to leave your day job.  Just start out part time.  Your overhead is low and you can work right from your kitchen table.

Many small businesses started from home, and grow into elaborate empires and seen in mega shopping malls as giant franchised companies.  Still others decide to keep their business at home.

Home-based entrepreneurs require different start up tools.  Some need phones and fax machines, while some need garden tools for their landscaping.  Others need only a mailing address or a post office box for their mail order business.

Part of the joy of starting a business is loving what you do. Many entrepreneurs are working 20 hours a day on their new business.  So please choose something you really enjoy.

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